iOS and OSX Developer that love to work on challenging projects and enjoy good UI/UX. 23 years old, Made in Italy.

Au revoir!

It’s almost one year and half that I’m living in Corsica, a French island, and I didn’t learn French at all; I will use my very first French setence to say goodbye to GoodBarber.

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UIViewControllers Transitions

More than one month after the first of three articles about Animated and Interactive Transitions in UIKit, I finally found the time to write the second (this) article. I will talk about something really interesting, UIViewController transitions, introcuded in iOS 7 and finally fixed in iOS 8.

UIView Interactive Animations

As anticipated in the presentation of the blog I will talk about Interactive Transitions and Animations with UIKit. This is the first of three blog post talking about Transitions and Animations; I will start with UIScrollView and gesture driven animations today, UIViewController and UICollectionView Transitions later.

The blog is alive!

After be inactive for years I completely rewritten my blog and my website. I never used so much my previous WordPress based blog, 2 articles in >2 years fill my inbox of spam. I didn’t like to use a CMS and it’s plug-ins, it was not for me. Even my website was inactive and never updated, I used it just for internal stuff, stats managment or backends of Applications.