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After the success of MiniPlayer for iOS I decided to develop the OSX version. MiniPlayer lets you control and search your Music with all the most popular Apps and Music Services. It supports iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and is extensible to any other Application you like with Plug-Ins. You will love to listen your Music thanks to its simple and beautiful UI made by @Surenix.

Three Themes are available : Dynamic, Black and White.

Why is not in the Mac App Store?

I decided to give Developers the opportunity to build plug-ins, due to the limitation of the sandbox I have to avoid the MAS1. If I see that nobody will use/build external plugin I can try to submit in future (is not sure that is accepted because I need some sandbox exceptions)



  • You can use the built-in Plug-Ins (Spotify, iTunes,Rdio) in the Menu Music Services (Status Bar)
  • Dezeer plugin (beta) by Me
  • Nobody made a third part Plug-In yet…


  • You can make your own Plug-In, look my example on Github, all you have to do is a bundle with the extension .miniplayerplugin and the NSPrincipalClass that conform to the <MPMiniPlayerPlugin> protocol
  • Your Plug-In can be listed here or included in MiniPlayer if you wish, just contact me at
  1. MAS is the Acronym of Mac App Store